With an easy way to transfer and move patients around, the TR Equipment’s tilting shower chair makes working as a caretaker much easier by reducing the amount of heavy lifting and carrying a caretaker must do, as well as making showering and toileting easier for both parties involved. Since the chair is battery powered, tilting and adjusting the chair is controlled by easy-to-understand controls on the tilting shower chair. 

Through the seat and chassis, the bathroom visits become a more enjoyable and safer experience as it’s possible to use it over a regular toilet. As with all products from TR Equipment there’s a focus on safety, hygiene and simplicity at a low cost of ownership without making them any less robust. They are an affordable choice that doesn’t sacrifice quality and comfort to reach their goals. Plus, they got the references that can confirm the quality in both products and service. If you want to visit them online just click on the link here to read about their tilting shower chairs : https://www.trequipment.com/products/tr1000

Equipment made for hospitals and care facilities 

A tilting shower chair is an excellent addition in hospitals and aged care facilities, mainly to help patients as well as elderly with daily routines and tasks. Besides the previously mentioned advantages, the chair and TR Equipment’s other products helps reduce risks of injuries and caretakers getting burnt out from heavy lifting and transportation. 

Helping make patients and elderly feel better and to lessen the burden on caretakers, a line of work which already haves a lot of problems with exhaustion, burning out and job-related injuries is something well worth spending money on.